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"To know the Illuminati Mr. David, you must study the reptile."- Credo Mutwa (the Zulu shaman)

Now we go below the surface "reality" of the neocortex and into parts of our brains which are still a great mystery to the infant "upstairs." These intelligence centers have enabled life to survive in varied forms for millions of years. They are not to be discounted even if they don’t speak the language of the neocortex.

Again, I will be general. The reptilian brain is the most ancient of the brains. It has two hemispheres, just like the neocortex, and it may be that they relate functionally to the left and right hemispheres of the neocortex. The reptilian brain consists of the upper part of the spinal cord and the basal ganglia, the diencephalon, and parts of the midbrain--- all of which sits atop the spinal column like a knob in the middle of our heads.

"This is classic Illuminati behaviour. Fighting each other and humanity to the death to impose their will and dominance. Winner takes it all"

At least five human behaviors originate in the reptilian brain. These have been denoted as isopraxic, preservative, re-enactment, tropistic, and deceptive. Without defining them, I shall simply say that in human activities they find expression in:

· obsessive-compulsive behavior
· personal day-to-day rituals and superstitious acts

· slavish conformance to old ways of doing things

· ceremonial re-enactments

· obeisance to precedent, as in legal, religious, cultural, and other matters

· responding to partial representations (coloration, "strangeness," etc.), whether alive or inanimate.

"The Illuminati are obsessed with race and bloodline. This is one reason why they have interbred so obsessively over thousands of years. They are incredibly racist, which is why they are using "population control", famine, war, and disease to attack the populations of non-white countries, and indeed, to undermine the white peoples who are not part of their reptilian genetic network."

It is thought to represent a fundamental core of the nervous system and derives from a form of mammal-like reptile that once ranged widely over the world but disappeared during the Triassic period having provided the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and mammals. All modern mammals have this reptilian complex, including humans.

"It was the interbreeding or fusing of reptilian DNA to mammal DNA which created the Illuminati reptilian-human hybrid bloodlines and allows the "purest" of this breed to move between human and reptilian form."

First and foremost among the traits generated through the reptilian brain is the drive to establish and defend territory. This is fueled by an extremely potent "will-to-power", exemplified among lizards by the ritual behavior of two rainbow lizards competing for dominance.
These animals have beautiful colors and like many lizards, use headbobbing and pushups in assertive, aggressive, courtship and greeting displays. In a contest, once the gauntlet is thrown down, the aggressive displays give way to violent combat, and the struggle is unrelenting. In victory, they are tyrannical dictators in the extreme. In defeat, they lose their majestic colors, lapse into a kind of depression, and die two weeks later.

Mammalian Brain

Next to evolve from the reptilian brain was the mammalian brain. An enormous change took place as mammals evolved from reptiles, the mammalian brain containing organs:

· For the automatic control of body functions such as digestion, the fluid balance, body temperature and blood pressure (autonomic nervous system, hypothalamus)

· For filing new experiences as they happen and so creating a store of experience-based memories (hippocampus)

· For experience-based recognition of danger and for responding to this according to past experience. And for some conscious feelings about events (amygdala)

To this extent the mammal is more consciously aware of itself in relation to the environment. Millions of neural pathways connect the hippocampal and amygdala structures to the reptilian brain and behaviour is less rigidly controlled by instincts. It seems that feelings such as attachment, anger and fear have emerged with associated behavioural response patterns of care, fight or flight.

Human Brain

And the mammalian brain became the human brain by adding the massive grey matter (neocortex) which envelopes most of the earlier brain and amounts to about 85 per cent of the human brain mass. This massive addition consists mostly of two hemispheres which are covered by an outer layer and interconnected by a string of nerve fibers.

The brain is actually divided into its ’hemispheres’ by a prominent groove. At the base of this groove lies the thick bundle of nerve fibers which enable these two halves of the brain to communicate with each other.

"The aim of the Illuminati-reptilians has been to disconnect as much as possible the functions of these two distinct parts of the brain so we can be manipulated through the right brain while only being conscious of the left."

They plant thoughts, responses, and images through the right brain (the dream-state, the non-conscious, through symbolism and subliminal imagery) while imprisoning the human conscious level in the left brain - the world of can I touch it, smell it, taste it, see it, hear it, OK it must exist.

This is why the "education" system, and "science" is designed to talk to the left brain. This way, the Illuminati can enter the human brain through the right side, undetected, and these images and subliminals then enter the left brain as conscious, this world, thoughts and reactions, which people take to be their own.

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